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How It All Started

Mission Statement

We provide the freshest premium herbs & spices in our seasonings and rubs so you can enjoy the most flavorful cooking experience.

 Growing up, I was always thinking and looking for things to do in my spare time. I had an entrepreneurial spirit, just waiting to come out. Fast forward to my late teens and early 20's when I cooked for myself. I've always loved BBQ. I'd spark up the grill almost daily. Seasonings were my thing, and i bought plenty from the popular brands. One day I was fresh out of a particular rub for chicken. At that moment in time I decided to raid my pantry and duplicate the recipe. To my amazement, I had created my first homemade rub. As my wife said, "its so so", but i was so excited because it was my own that I did not care. From that point forward, my seasoning addiction grew. Over the years friends and family have asked me to make and bring my homemade goods to cookouts. "No, Mike, leave the bottle here for next time". Yeah, I always knew they just wanted my rubs. Well here we are in 2022 after almost 25 years of trial and error, THE MEAT UNION is born. I have realized BBQ is my passion and that's why I can only put out the best quality seasonings and rubs for the masses. Enough chit chat, go grab a bottle and "Up Your Grill Game"

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