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Ever since I tried The Meat Union, I haven't gone back. Big name brands don't match up, they're more expensive, and I would rather support the small business that does it better. Friends and family ALWAYS ask what I use to make their steak or burger taste so good. I'm sticking with Meat Union

JJ Jewell

Glad I met The Meat Union at a school event. It started with a few samples and I was hooked. Their dip mixes are fabulous, and I've enjoyed their rubs on my chicken, beef, and ribs. Mike is a great salesman and loves to gab. Thanks Meat Union!

Donna I.

TMU has the freshest seasonings and rubs i have ever tasted. Mouth watering pulled pork with The Don rib rub is where its at. The Smoked Cheddar Jalapeño dip is money at our cookouts

Robbie White

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