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Smoked cream cheese? Isn't it going to melt? Yes. Smoked cream cheese and no, it's not gonna melt. My BBQ CREW knows what's up. All you novices and rookies, listen up. I'm about to blow your minds and teach y'all something.

Say you have a weekend get together coming up and you want to impress some friends. Well I'm going to give you the most delicious appetizer to make. The ever popular and easy to make, smoked block of cream cheese. Let's dig in, shall we!

First your gonna want to get a block or 2 of cream cheese. The brand really don't matter. We prefer Kroger brand because it's the easiest for my wife to get.

Prepping the smoker

Get your smoker going to a temp of 225. Any pellet blend will really do. I love using Meat Church's pellet blend. It imparts a mellow nutty flavor.

Traeger branded but it's Matt Pittman's blend. These pellets are amazing.

Prepare the cream cheese

You can't BBQ without seasonings! It's just the rule of law!

You'll need to season all sides of the cream cheese with your favorite seasoning or rub. We like to use The Real Real Taco & Fajita seasoning or Boss Chipotle Rub. I like to score the top of my cheese about 1/8" deep to get more seasoning in there. It looks pretty cool too.

The Real Deal is all natural

The Boss

Should look something like this.

Put the cheese in a cast iron skillet or foil to prevent it from falling thru the grates.

It's time to smoke the cheese

Get the cheese in the smoker and let it go for 2 hours. Don't open the hood. Trust me, it's not gonna melt. Let the smoke do it's thang!

After 2 hours pull it out and let it sit for 10 min.

That's it! It's done and will taste amazing. Serve it with crackers, pita chips or tortilla chips and a side of salsa.

Let your friends bring the beer and wine. You got the appetizers on lock! Envious you will be. Just don't tell them your recipe. Shhh it's a secret.

Dusted with the Boss Chipotle rub

The Real Deal Taco & Fajita seasoning

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