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What is SPG exactly?



A very popular topic of conversation at our markets this year with our customers was, “What’s the best seasoning for meat” What’s the best rub?  What seasoning will go with just about anything?” You’re in luck, because we have the answer. Salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a bit of onion in the proper ratios. This is the most versatile seasoning and rub we know, and the most flavorful. It tastes great on everything from steaks to corn on the cob. Keep a container of  The Meat Union S.P.G, as it’s often called, in your kitchen. You’ll be amazed and delighted by the infinite uses our blend has to offer. 

      Salt: More Than a Flavoring

Salt is the  simplest compound used in cooking. Salt has three main culinary functions, all having to do with water.  First, its chemical properties change muscle fibers in meat, making them able to retain more water. Thus, the meat remains juicier after cooking. Secondly, its effects on tastebuds strengthen the flavors of the food -- everything tastes more like itself once seasoned with salt. And of course salt is a tasty flavor in its own right, mouth-watering even, and even more so when paired with pepper. We only use the best quality Pink Himalayan Salt in our blend. In its rawest form, retaining all the mineral compound your body thrives on. 

  Pepper: We go heavy on the pepper

Did you know that in the seventeenth century, when French food was evolving its modern systems, pepper was thought the spice best at enhancing rather than covering a food’s natural flavor? Thus began the historic partnership of salt and pepper, and they’ve worked together ever since. Pepper’s contributions are complex yet lively flavors. Heat, citrus, pine, and earthiness are all found in pepper. Not only do these flavors enhance those of other foods, they also promote salivary flow, which helps flavors reach the taste buds. So pepper is literally mouth-watering! Yet, salt and pepper work so much better with their third partner, garlic…

      Garlic: The spice supreme 

Garlic is rich in savory spice compounds. These compounds produce both the ‘stink’ and the delicious flavors of garlic. Many proteins are also rich in sulfur, which is one of the reasons garlic works so well with protein-rich foods. The best steak seasoning requires it. Indeed, garlic evokes savory aspects even in low-protein foods, one reason it works so well with vegetables. Garlic can be combined with salt and pepper in any form, but garlic has a couple of convenient features. Because it has been heated during drying, garlic powder has a mellow flavor. Also because it’s dry it keeps well, making it convenient. 

   A brief history on Onions

Although the exact origin of onions is not known, they are thought to have originated in Central Asia or Iran. Despite being native to Asia and the Middle East, onions are widely used all over the world. Onions were likely grown and used even before modern farming was invented, and was possibly on of the oldest crops to be cultivated due to their long shelf life.Across the world over, people greatly valued onions. They were found in ancient Egyptian tombs, as they were considered a symbol of eternal life. In other cultures, they were used to keep evil spirits at bay and ward off the plague. Native Americans used onions to make dyes and toys for the children. Mentions of onions are found in ancient texts across the globe, including the bible.

  Healthy benefits of onions As for their medicinal properties, ancient cultures utilized them for their healing qualities. They were used to aid in sleep disorders, vision loss, tooth pain, and as an antiseptic to cleanse wounds. Onions were thought to improve cardiovascular and digestive health. These various benefits have yet to be scientifically proven. However, current research does support their powerful antioxidant makeup. Being a rich source of antioxidants provides disease-fighting power, and may help prevent cancer. Current scientific literature relating to onions’ benefits in reducing blood clots and aid in asthma is promising. Of course, more research is needed to further prove these theories.

And that’s a quick lesson on the perfect blend of SPG and how it makes everything delicious. Yes, we use a bit of onion in our blend to make us stand out from the typical. Here at The Meat Union we strive for the most premium quality spices and salt we can source for our product. Once you taste it on any protein or veggie, you’ll quickly know our blend is the winner. 

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